Membership of the National Association of Deacons of Australia allows you to be part of the association which provides a forum for deacons in Australia to gather their views, ideas and experiences.

* We can speak collectively on clergy life and ministry matters with the Australian Catholic Bishops Conference (ACBC).
* We share regular newsletters to update the diaconate community on what is happening across the country and in other parts of the world.
* NAD cooperates with key people involved in the formation of deacons in Australia. We also have close ties with the International Diaconate Centre.

* We have an online forum where deacons can share their views and share their homilies.

* We have a national conference every two years (the next one being in the Diocese of Parramatta from October 13-16, 2022) where members get discounted rates.  

So, please consider joining us and adding your support and voice to the NAD by completing the form which can be accessed here:

A few important points:
* The membership is to the National Council of Priests (NCP). The NAD operates as part of their operations. However, when you join the NCP as a Deacon you become an NAD member and the NAD receives your membership fee.
* Don’t worry about the ID Number – that will be completed for you by the NCP office staff.
* Make sure you put ‘Deacon’ in the ‘Name’ field to flag that you want NAD membership.