The National Association of deacons (NAD) represents all the Catholic deacons of Australia. We are a sub-association of the National Council of Priests (NCP).

We aim to provide a forum for deacons in Australia to gather their views, ideas and experiences.

We can speak on clergy life and ministry matters with the Australian Catholic Bishops Conference (ACBC) through the Bishops Commission for Church Ministry. NAD cooperates with key people involved in the formation of deacons in Australia. We also have close ties with the International Diaconate Centre.

The nature and purpose of NAD is explained in our Constitution.


The NAD logo shows the stars of the Southern Cross constellation. The colours are wattle green and gold – Australia’s national colours. 

Deacons wear a gold cross with a red deacon’s stole across it. The cross is usually worn on the lapel. The gold cross is the sign of Christ who is risen from death and continues his mission in his body the Church, through the Holy Spirit. The red stole represents the first deacon and martyr Stephen.  


Deacons are welcome to send the webmaster items for possible inclusion in the website. The address is :

Send any photos as separate attachments. Articles can be sent as a word document attachment. Articles may be edited.

Authors can use articles already on the site as a guide to preferred style. We may not publish all that we receive.

 Published articles reflect the views of the author. They may not reflect the views of NAD; nor are they endorsed by NAD. 

NAD Executive

The NAD executive is elected by deacons who are financial members of the NCP. 

A deacon representative is elected from each ecclesiastical province. The National Coordinator of the Permanent Diaconate, appointed by the Australian Catholic Bishops Conference, is a non-voting ex officio member of the executive. At present this is Rev Deacon Tony Aspinall. 

Deacon Nick Kerr


Deacon Mark Kelly


Deacon Tim

National Coordinator
 of the Permanent Deaconate

Deacon Michael Hangan


Deacon Tony


Deacon Tim


Deacon Bruce


Deacon Tony Cunningham 

SA and NT