About Us


The National Association of deacons (NAD) represents the Catholic deacons of Australia. We have, until now, been a sub-association of the National Council of Priests (NCP).

However, as at early 2024, we are in the process of becoming a new, independent association: The Australian Catholic Deacons Association (ACDA). We are awaiting approval from the Australian Catholic Bishops Conference for our new name and statutes.

We aim to provide a forum for deacons in Australia to gather their views, ideas and experiences.

We can speak on clergy life and ministry matters with the Australian Catholic Bishops' Conference (ACBC) through the Bishops' Commission for Church Ministry (Bishops' Commission for Evangelisation, Laity and Ministry).

NAD cooperates with key people involved in the formation of deacons in Australia and hosts national gatherings of formators.

We offer exclusive benefits for our member including discounts on products through supportive third-parties, webinars and a discounted price for our national deacons conferences.

We also have close ties with the International Diaconate Centre.